Kesen Kabe

Kesen Kabe

Nickname given to the highly skilled Kesen plasterwork artisans.

  • Traditional Skills

About the Kesen Kabe

Kesen Kabe a nickname that refers to a highly skilled group of plasterwork artisans. As with Kesen Daikus, they work mainly in the granary area of the northern Miyagi prefecture. The renowned Karajishi Dozou (Lion warehouses) in Hanaizumi-machi, Ichinoseki city, is the pinnacle of Japan's plasterwork skills created by Kesen Kabes.  

Information on the cultural property

  • Rikuzen Takata Kesen Daiku Sakan Folklore Museum

    A museum built to pass on the excellence of carpentry and plasterwork construction skills of Kesen artisans to the future generations.

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