Chouan-ji Taiko(Drum of Chouan-ji temple)

Chouan-ji Taiko(Drum of Chouan-ji temple)

A modern Japanese Taiko drumming art born in the 47th year of Showa (1972)

  • Folklore Performance

  • 57 Chouanji, Hikoroichi-cho, Oofunato city, Iwate prefecture.

About the Chouan-ji Taiko

A Taiko-dou (drum hall) and a Shurou-dou (bell tower) were built in the second year of Kanpou era (1742). A big taiko drum was installed in the hall and used for announcing the time of the day. It was in 1972 that the youth of the district enrolled to the Sukeroku taiko drumming school in Kanda, Tokyo, to later create a new local performing art, the Chouanji Taiko.

The musical piece in the image of the "Goyou-oroshi", the wind blowing down from Goyou-zan or the "Namiuchi Daiko (the breaking wave drums)", expressing the beauty and the majesty of the ria coast with a rich rhythm variation, are among the musical portrayal of Oofunato performed by the troupe.

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