Sakamoto-zawa Shishi-odori

Sakamoto-zawa Shishi-odori

A majestic Shishi-odori with distinctive steps and footwork

  • Folklore Performance

  • Sakamotozawa, Hikoroichi-cho, Oofunato city, Iwate prefecture

About the Sakamoto-zawa Shishi-odori

Sakamoto-zawa Shishi-odori is believed to have been founded by Utarou, of the Gyouzan school Motoyoshi lineage back in August of the third year of Meiwa era (1766). The costume design has been left untouched and has remained simple, as Shishi-odoris praying for the spirits of the ancestors, asking for blessing, or praying for an abundant crop has always been.

The distinctive feature is its steps and footwork. It is a majestic dance with relatively slow tempo, with the "San-nin Gurui No Kimigawa" as its forte which requires advance drumming movements and footwork.

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