Taira-gumi Hashigo Toramai

Taira-gumi Hashigo Toramai

A valiant Hashigo Toramai, with the particularity of being danced on a horizontal ladder.

  • Folklore Performance

  • Taira district, Massaki-cho, Oofunato city, Iwate prefecture

About the Taira-gumi Hashigo Toramai

Taira-gumi Hashigo Toramai (tiger dance on ladder) is believed to have been first choreographed by Tomezou of Toushirou-ya and Isogorou of Kawaguchi-ya (stage names). Two small vertical ladders of 3m in length and a long horizontal ladder of 20m are assembled for the performance. There are several Hashigo Toramai in the KESEN region, but only Taira uses a horizontal ladder.

Hashigo-mai is a Hashigo Toramai danced valiantly to the powerful tune and rhythm of the flutes and taiko drums while climbing up and down a ladder. The dance is a prerequisite offering in every Kumano shrine Taisai (Grand Festival). As a new year custom, Hashigo Shihimai visits the houses of the district to pray for safety and chase evil spirits away.

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