Kasshi-yoroi Kenbai

Kasshi-yoroi Kenbai

A pioneer in children's folk performing arts

  • Folklore Performance

  • Kasshi, Hikoroichi-cho, Oofunato city, Iwate prefecture

About the Kasshi-yoroi Kenbai

The Kasshi-yoroi Kenbai is said to was transmitted in the middle of the feudal period from Zuigan-ji in Matsushima, Miyagi. unfortunately, there are no historical documents left About the art due to the multiple outbreaks of fire in the region. It is performed as an oblation during the Goyouzan-jinja Gonensai, in annual festivals of the local shrines, as well as an entertainment for the associations for the elderlies. The dance is also performed in folk festivals in the city and beyond, receiving requests from throughout the prefecture, such as in the Michinoku Performing Arts Festival in Kitakami City. The dance is supported by many enthusiasts not only from areas the Kasshi district, but even beyond.  

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