A ritual performed on the 15th of January every year where god of fortune round the houses.

  • Folklore Performance

  • Keizan, Kamiarisu, Sumita town, Iwate prefecture

About Kasedorikakko

Kasedori is a traditional ritual to prevent fires and chase away misfortunes, observed throughout Japan. In the Keizan district of Kamiarisu, Sumita town, local children of school age disguise as god of fortune visits each houses of the area and perform the Daikoku (god of fortune) dance. Gods of fortune visits each house which in turn give them mochi (glutinous rice cake) and tips, earning food and money, which is considered as the origin of the name: "Kase (earning)-dori(bird)".

●The origin
In the past, youth of the Keizan district gathered on the night of the 15th of January and performed the ritual. It was by the fifth decade of the Showa era (1975-85) that the event was established as a winter holiday daytime activity essentially organised by the children's association and Ikuseikai

  • Gods of fortune visiting homes door-to-door

    Chldren wearing a red hat and a red vest, disguised as the god of fortune, perform the Daikoku (god of fortune) dance with fans in their hands singing in unison "Kasedori Kakko, the god of fortune dancing in, give whatever you have in hand".

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